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Staff member offers forum posting jobs. You will be paid for creating a new thread, reply to a post or someone else post in your thread. Every thread or post you create can earn you rewards. You will earn $0.055 -$0.06 per thread you create on the forums, while posts earn you $0.02 - $0.025.

Specifically, we are looking for “Quick Tips” (a mini-tutorial of around a few words). Your post can be in the form of how-to or guides or ways-to. We want each thread to focus on a main point rather than a generic post.

A few tips to earn for writing a quality post.​

  1. Check that your message is original and free of grammar errors. You may want to use this free Word Counter – Count Words and Check Grammar tool.
  2. For post use Sub-headers, bold text, paragraph, bulletin and photo.
Posting Rating:
  1. Thread: Creating a forum topic - Minimum words - 120 - Credit $0.055 - $0.06
  2. Post: Adding a post to a thread - Minimum words - 50 - Credit $0.02 - $0.025
  3. Passive income: Someone else posting in your thread - Credit $0.0065 - 0.0070
  4. Daily Activity: Awarded on the first log in each day - Credit $0.0015
  5. You earn $2 for inviting people
The better the quality of the thread created the chances of getting a lot of replies for credit. Some forums pay higher e.g. Insurance forums.

Verification process:

Step 1: User must create at least 10 posts and 10 threads that are well written, accurate, grammatically correct and original content. (This is to check the quality of your post)
Step 2: After you submit your 20 post, request for verification here to start earning.

  • Minimum Payout - $4 and maximum - 12$ via PayPal, Binance Pay (Cryptocurrency) or (Bank Transfer for Nigerians).
  • Make your Payout Request / Payment proof here
All Categories pays excluding these once:
  1. Buy/ Sell/Trade
  2. General Topics
  3. Support
Number 1 Rules: We will remove the credits/earnings given for plagiarised (copy & past), irrelevant and duplicate threads that violate the Forum posting rules.

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