Bitcoincash(BCH) wallets

Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) also have alleged "dust limit". You can't send whatever is under 546 satoshis (for an average exchange) over the Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash organization. One satoshi is 1/100,000,000th of a Bitcoin.

At $30,000 per 1 Bitcoin, as far as possible is $0.1638 ($30,000/100,000,000 * 546).

That implies you CANNOT send $0.16 over the Bitcoin (BTC) organization (regardless of whether charges were zero). The higher the value the higher this breaking point becomes. On the off chance that BTC could actually accomplish $1,000,000 value, unquestionably the littlest sum you could send would be $5.46.

Sadly, it's the equivalent for Bitcoin Cash.

Indeed, you can't likewise send $1.00 over the Bitcoin (BTC) organization, on the grounds that the expense to move your cash is about $1.96 these days.

As of now, it is anything but an issue, as at the cost of $350 this lower limit is about $0.002, yet on the off chance that the value was to raise to $1,832 per 1 BCH, as far as possible to send would become $0.01.

Presently you discover somewhat more about Bitcoin Cash.