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Worst Job Experience

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    Worst Job Experience

    There are times in the life of an employee that everythings not going right, it could be losing a promotion or being demoted or being at odds with your immediate superior and other things.

    Every worker has experienced good times and bad times, what to you is the worst experience you've ever experienced in your job/work?

    My worst job experience was when I got promoted. Yes, you read it right! It happened last year when my superior asked me to step up. At first, I wasn't so sure if I should accept it but later I thought, why not give it a try? So then I grabbed the offer and so the curse happened. LOL. I was bombarded with more tasks. The bigger tasks didn't matter so much to me. It was the pressure that I couldn't handle, the pressure to talk and to interact directly to higher bosses. So then after 3 months I quit. Hahaha. I didn't resign though. I just requested to be re-profiled to the same position where I left before I got promoted.


      worked at a call center for all of three days.

      That was literally the longest that I could last, and I was up with guilt-ridden nightmares for both of the nights in between. The thing is, I wasn't working a sales gig (at least not in the traditional sense): I was a "talent scout" for an incredibly shady organization that sought to trick parents into purchasing "acting and modeling lessons" for their kids.

      There was more to the pitch and the process, of course, but that was the general thrust of things. I'd call people up, enthusiastically recite a script, and then book them into "one of our last remaining slots." The kids and their parents would arrive on Saturday or Sunday, go through a fake audition (complete with fake casting agents), and then be instructed to call a given number on Monday morning.

      That number, of course, would connect people right back to the call center. They'd be told that the "casting agent" had loved their child's audition, but that they - the kid - needed to get some additional training. The parents would then be suckered into paying thousands of dollars for six weekends' worth of completely worthless classes... with the caveat that their offspring would be summarily expelled if they missed even one session.

      Unless, that is, they paid even more money to have their kids stay in the bogus class.


        When i was on the Improvement Team, a special division where we make technical innovations to improve machine efficiency. We made a discovery where we made a device more efficient and reliable 200% more than the original and we made it 50% less cost. The project was presented on the top management and they approved the project and made it as a standard device to use for such machines. Unfortunately after the approval, the project was proliferated on other plants but our team was not taken credit. I was so mad that i resigned after that, i found out from a friend that our project was patented after the company of the original producers. It's really sad specially for those people who really made the project successful.


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