How do you handle clueless and incompetent employees?


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Every business owner face the problem of employees that are incompetent every now and then. How do you handle them? My mom runs a restaurant, and there is this position of chef that needed to be occupied. Well we found someone that claimed she studied food science as a course in the university. She was hired, taken to the kitchen, but to our dismay she does not even know how to operate some kitchen equipments. We thought that is a small problem, we took time to teach her how to operate them. Then we discovered that she cannot even prepare most of the meals. What do we do about that. Some people say we should offer training before the employees start work, seriously? We are supposed to be teaching someone that hold a degree in the field how to do the work again. The experience still suprises me, we had to let her go and eventually we found someone capable. But what should be done about this issue of work incompetency.


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I had a similar problem with an employee too. This person doesn't even know the basics of the job, and he is supposed to be skilled in it! It is so frustrating and tiring. The person had to be fired immediately, there is no way we can manage such a person.
Whatever skills or education people are going for, they should learn to take their learning seriously so that when it is time to offer their knowledge and skills in the labor market, they won't fail miserably thereby embarrassing themselves.