Who wants to make $ 50 by testing apps / website,games


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Earn a platform by testing projects and finding bugs and showing the owners and they pay you for it.
They work with many such as: Soundclouds, Revolve, Lacoste, Edmunds.
They work on the platform to see if they have any bugs and pay clients to solve their problem.
You can earn up to $ 50 if you find a bug or problem.
If you don’t find a bug you can rate apps and games.
Test the latest apps, websites, games and you will be paid for every problem or bug when you find it
When you sign up for Dashboard you need to do qviz and bug reproductions first.
You need to give this test through so they will know you can master it. this testing. to allow you to test applications.
You click on the start course and answer as many as 8 out of 12 questions so that they will know that you know how to work on testing and that you would go to the next step.
Bug reproductions - answer and then get projects from them to test bugs.
Other source of income:
you have the option to call friends who would like to test for errors and put the test through and you start working and you get 5 USD for each referral.
If you focus on not working on this platform it means you find 10 people and earn $ 50.
You have an immediate affiliate link and can share it across facebook groups.
Register for free and start working.
Payments to Bank Account, Paypal or Skrill
Legal and verified platform.
For more info and free registration see the link: ******/2WKL6BE

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