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APATHY: Apathy is a form of addiction. A person can be addicted to negativity and live with it day in day out. It is often characterized by a pack of interest or motivation in one's behavior. A person walloein in the pit of apathy won't show sadness but will feel it.
Different forms of apathy
1 Affective apathy; This type of apathy involves lack of emotions, the appearance of indifference and general lack of empathy.
2 Behavior apathy; This occurs when you feel some physical inactivity or some tasks you left unattended to
3 Cognitive apathy; Thus entails lack of intimidating speech and mental activity as well as the absence of interest in other people's activity.
These are the ways you can discover that you are been enslaved by apathy. when you are going through all these, you don't have to sink more in its pits because its deep enough and can swallow your whole. Check yourself and refrain your steps back on track . Remember your mental health matters!


Mental health is one of the categories of human health often neglected by individuals and even the government. Common mental health issues range from depression, anxiety to drug addiction and psychosis (madness). To have a holistic health, our mental health needs to be better managed by paying more attention to it. Some mental health tips as a professional are given below:
1. Always remember that your thinking determines your behaviour. Good and positive thoughts produce positive behaviours
2. Identify what affects your emotions negatively and do well to avoid them
3. Don't compare yourself or your achievement with others.
4. Seek professional help from certified mental health professionals
5. Seek positive social engagement.

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Mental health is one of the criteria of determining the health status of an individual. Although it is said that one can't be 100% mentally healthy, one can strive to make the best of it. These are some tips you can practice:
1. Accepting who you are: You define who you are, you shouldn't let people define you by what they say about you, accept your flaws and try not to let it stop you from reaching places.
2. Be socially active: Try reaching out to family and friends, converse with them, talk about your self, its not healthy to keep everything bottled up.
3. Eat and drink healthy foods: some food and fruits help to stimulate endorphins which produce happy and positive feelings.
4. Sleep well: Get at least 6 hours sleep a day, its relaxes the brain.
5. Exercise well: loosen some knot i your knot.

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If you experience apathy or any other symptom related to mental health, it's important to look for the root cause of the problem. Unfortunately, these symtoms often cannot be solved with willpower or by doing something fun, but rather they are a reaction to something negative that happened in your past or your current circumstances. Don't be afraid to seek professional help if this is a problem you encounter.


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  1. Be in the present moment. What is the farthest in life ? The past. It is the farthest but we tend to cling ,hold and eventually tear ourselves apart for the past. What is the most uncertain thing in the world ? The future , but we tend to be so tense about it that we are in a constant hurry to reach it. Find ways to stay in the present.
  2. I used to think life is a journey. It is one but the way we look at journeys is a problem. Recently i read a concept ,Life should be like music, we play music. We do not rush music to finsih it as soon as possible, no, we play it ,we enjoy it. Life should be just like that. It is a journey, not to be travelled , but to be played ! Joyfully.
  3. Be selfish. The meaning of this word has taken a negetive turn. Nowadays it means” doing something that benefits us but harms someone”. Change the meaning of this word. Just “ doing something that benefits us, makes us happy, and harms noone” live for your joy. It is posiible.
  4. Find a purpose. Find what makes you happy. What makes you go into a certain activity forgetting time, food, and any other things. That's what people mean by finding something that you enjoy so you won't have to work for a minute in your life. Your work becomes pure joy. To do this, the 5 “why's" will help. Ask yourself WHY are you doing, what you are doing. Then answer. Then ask yourself why again. And answer. Repeat 5 times. And you will be clear on what is driving you.
  5. The most important thing to be mentally happy, IS TO EDUCATE YOURSELF. See, knowledge that you gain, translates on how you grow. As you go towards gaining this knowledge you start sustaining good life choices rather than making small changes.for example. Fad diets don't stick around much. But healthy eating habits are the most sustainable and result giving in the long race.but these choices are only posible if a person knows “what is helathy eating”. So educate yourself.
  6. I hope you find your answers in this.
  7. To your health