Looking At Smartphone And Computer Screens For Long Hours Might Be Bad For Health


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It seems many people who work online use computers. Moreover, even people who work in offices, banks, etc also use computers a lot. However, it seems that looking at computer screen for long hours might not be so good for your health. I usually spend a lot of time working online and obviously I look a lot at my computer screen. So how much time do you spend looking at computer screen. Please also note that many folks also look at smartphone screens for a lot of time. This is damaging to health as far as I know. This is because these devices emit rays and I am sure they are not good for our eyes. So what do you have to say? How much Time do you spend looking at computer screen?


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I spend so much time on screen and it is because I have so many tasks online to complete so as to make some money and sustain myself since I am not getting such opportunities offline.

About the effect, my phone has an eye care setting where the effect of the Ray's emitted does not pose any harm on me.
I believe it is good for online earners to utilize such features on their devices.


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The screen whether of the computer or mobile gadget has radiation even if the manufacturers would deny it. The light where our eyes got focused has a side effect especially for continuous use. That is the wisdom of the 1-hour break when working on the computer. Take 5 minutes not only to rest your mind but also your eyes.