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Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

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  • Making Money With Affiliate Marketing

    When you’re offered an affiliate marketing deal that seems too good to be true it probably is. This is nothing new, and I’m sure you’ve heard this before. The growing numbers of affiliate programs, online and off are all claiming to be the best as compared to the others.
    Besides that, they will give you an initial impression that you do not have to do more than just place a banner or two on your websites in order to start earning money. Well obviously this isn’t the case, this may apply to some who have already built up a successful website with lots of traffic and a name for themselves. But for most people, affiliate marketing does require a little bit of work and time.

    E-mail can always be used as an effective affiliate marketing instrument if done correctly. But it does require you to have a list of already established. All talk about list building a separate blog post but obviously in order to use this method to effectively marketing affiliate program you need to have a list.

    Right now, promotion by e-mail rampant. But with that comes a lot of spam. If you want to use e-mail to promote your affiliate programs, need to be sure that you stand by what you’re offering and that you make yourself available for it questions and inquiries at any time. This obviously adds an additional level of customer service to any affiliate programs that you’re going to promote. Also, with some of the recent changes in certain federal laws, you need to very clearly disclose when you are promoting an affiliate program and being compensated for it.

    It has been said that adding articles to your email advertising works really well. Like putting up a summary about a product or service that can instantly get the attention of your reader and allow them to click on the link to get more information which will take them to the sales letter for the product are promoting.

    The advantage for the advertiser in this model is that they get highly targeted clients who visit their site. These people may become future customers if they ever find the offers interesting or relative to what they’re doing right now.

    With any type of email marketing that you’re doing, especially during a big promotion or product launch, you always want to make yourself stand out from the others. Don’t just use the standard cut and paste copy that you get as part of the affiliate program. Really take a minute to write up some compelling copy for your audience and make sure that you, when possible, also include a personal story or something that will set your e-mail apart from the others that they’re getting promoting the same product.

    Now what I’m going to say may surprise some people, but I am not one to recommend jumping on board with some of these massive product launch promotions and being just another email in the crowd promoting the same product as everybody else. I’d highly recommend that you take a few minutes when planning out what you’re going to promote and see how it fits with your audience. Don’t just promote something because everybody else is!

    Also keep in mind that most types of advertising or promotion for affiliate programs don’t necessarily give out results instantly. Putting a banner on your website or affiliate marketing campaign and looking at your stats a couple of days later doesn’t necessarily give you an effective sample of the possible results that you can see from promoting that program. If you’re going to put something up on your website make it something that you’re willing to stand by fine and put it up there for a period of time I personally recommend at least a month.

    And when it comes to statistics, always make sure to look at the statistics that you are getting for example from your e-mail delivery service as compared to the statistics that are coming from the affiliate program. All too often you’ll see a discrepancy in the number of clicks from your e-mail service as compared to what you’ll get from the affiliate program, now I’m not saying that that’s a good or bad thing. However do take that into account when you’re promoting something if an affiliate program consistently gives you inaccurate or differing results than your e-mail provider you need to decide what to do next.

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