About Legit payday lenders no third party. Real or not?


Many people think that it is easy to get legit payday loans with no third party on the internet because they most likely never tried to get it. People that have tried know that if you do not know where your going it can get very frustrating submitting loan applications to the wrong companies who are scams and ask you to pay a fee upfront before they send you your money and many good lending institutions are not even accepting applications at this very moment in time which can also lead to even more anger and resentment. Therefore, we will like to point out 4 things you can do to maximize your opportunity to get approved for the loan with our legitimate company that will help you stay afloat in these rough times.

Thing #1- Do not assume as a lender we know every thing about you

This is a big mistake we see on a consistent basis, and people sometimes leave out very important pieces of their applications expecting us to know what is missing and what is there, however, most often this will lead to a denial of the direct lender payday loans no teletrack 100 approval

application since our systems only verify information it does not show us the information you left out however, and this is the reason currently that 30% of people who apply with us are denied.

Thing #2- Don't let your income drop too quickly

This is a huge problem we see which can lead to an extra 25% of all tribal loans no teletrack direct lender applications being denied. Perfect example of this is, Jason wants a $1,000 loan from us, September, October he made $1500 but he took some time off his job in November and as a result his monthly income for November was only $750 but he applied for the loan with us in November, once we see this most likely Jason is either going to be denied, OR he will be given a lower loan amount since his income dropped.

Thing #3- Don't quit or get fired from your job right before applying

Another problem we see for many applicants is the fact that they will wait until either quitting or getting fired from their job to come to us and ask for a no telecheck installment loans direct lenders

loan. This is not a smart financial move because your income from your job is what we were relying on as proof that you will pay us back, as a result once you no longer have that income we can not be as sure that you will be able to pay us back, and as a result you will either be denied the funds, or you will be forced to get another source of income to prove to us that repayment will not be an issue.

Thing #4- Don't apply for more than you can handle

The biggest problem we see is when a applicant only making $500 a month decides to apply for $5,000 no teletrack payday loans online with us the majority of the time, your loan amount will be equal to your monthly income, so if you only make $500 every month, you will most likely only be eligible for a $500 loan. This is why it's very important to keep your income up.