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Search Engine ads vs Social Media ads

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    Search Engine ads vs Social Media ads

    Nowadays which is more effective ppc ads in between Search Engine ads vs Social Media ads, please share your view ? I want to know about it in details in practical way. If we are talking about travel online business ?
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    I prefer social media marketing compare to ppc advert. There are lot of people using social media like facebook and twitter and its easy to target your audience based on their age and location. Its really effective compare to others.


      I think, Social Media ads is more effective compared to search engine ads. Mostly, of the people are using social media platform. Which means that there are more active users that can recognize the product/service ads easily. It is more visible. There is a wide spread of information on social media.


        Yes, we all can agree that the best choice and the more effective one would be Social media ads, I mean just imagine Facebook it has 2.27 billion monthly active users. I mean for me that's just insane, it's the first platform to be able to do that, and that's the most well know social media platform, and if to think of it there's more social media platforms out there that has also a huge audience, so there you have it.


          Search engine ads are based on your search history. For instance you are looking for something on amazon and switch back to Google search for something, you will most likely see an ad for the most recently searched item on Amazon on the right. Search history plays a key role in showing the relevant ads on search engines.

          On the other hand, ads on social media are mostly promotional. You pay money to the social media platform to highlight your ad and throw it to a bunch of users who might or might not be interested in your service.


            Social ads are best for targeting audience segments who may be interested in your product or service, there are some criteria like location, age group, gender, hobbies, interests. Social networks, such as Facebook, have advanced targeting capabilities, which means you can fine-tune your targeting criteria to reach a very specific, high-quality audience.


              Ok, Got It, Thanks for replying the valuable information. Now I understand. I will try it. But basically I prefer Search Engine Optimization always, some time i will be using ads according to business recruitments.
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