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Is it too late to start an online business?!

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    Is it too late to start an online business?!

    Online business had been around for quite some time now but, a lot of people are still hesitant to try simply because they don't really know how it works nor how they could take their business online. Not to mention those news about those who scams people online and not paying them or money being taken from them. For those who want to ask, "Is it too late to start an online business?!" please share your thoughts about it and maybe some encouragement to "try" and start their own online business. Thanks a lot for all your responses. :-)

    I am worrying about it also. Some of the trending now are the online marketing investing. But i think im too late for that cause there are too many online marketing business out there and can't choose the best one.


      Will for me it's not to late take some risks and be sure you have courage, I'm 19 years old I'm still studying business administration, I have plan to start business but not online because my teacher don't start online.

      My teacher said if you directly start online business even if you have a good background of education it useless, my teacher said COMMUNITY FIRST start a business first in your community or in your village.

      Because you need experienced, how can you deal people online if you don't have any experienced in dealing people offline.

      Once you've done that it in your community and you've collect some experienced about business and if you are satisfied, you can go now online take a risk.

      Tips: don't be afraid to take risk


        It is never too late for anyone who wants to start business online. But one must consider the risk of starting a business online. It will never be that easy to achieve success, a lot of determination, patience and of course learning is needed. You should know how to get and keep the trust of your clients/costumer to avoid complaints. One more important thing is giving them the best service that you can offer, always be responsive and open to costumers suggestion.
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          There is always time for making business online and it's never too late to start doing it, it's just that people do always sell the same because it's trending but what you can do is sell your own product because selling what other usually sell is too mainstream, so why not try something else. And if it fails then, don't worry because it's not always ups on selling products, you must lose some to earn some.


            It is never too late for someone who really is interested in doing so. There will always be a space for any business, provided that you are open in learning and doing the best you can patiently to pursue on your goal.


              I am an online retailer and I just started last year when I was pregnant and stuck at home. I thought, instead of sitting all day and browse online for nothing why don't I take advantage of my maternity leave. And since I am a mother and pregnant too, I chose to sell baby items. I had $20 and used it to buy my first items, posted it on Facebook, sold them all and I made $40. I kept the money and sales rolling until now. The lesson here is don't be afraid to start small.


                Most probably not at all. In this age where everything seem to go digital, mobile and online, it could actually be just the right time to do so. Of course the nature of your online business venture will have a great effect as to whether it becomes successful or not. I still think that there are still a lot of commodities out there that can't be sold through the net.


                  Originally posted by jlordz09 View Post
                  I am worrying about it also. Some of the trending now are the online marketing investing. But i think im too late for that cause there are too many online marketing business out there and can't choose the best one.
                  That is also what I thought of before, but taking it aside, it depends on what products you are selling. For example, food business would be a competition but if you have an idea how to make your products unique (through packaging and good tasting recipe) , costumers would surely buy your products. If you are thinking to sell products such as home wares, clothing, shoes and others, be on the trend and be persistent. So if you have a business idea, start it now.
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                    It's never too late to start your online business. Look at the market right now, almost all of the consumers are using the internet, they are trying to get some idea via internet. All you have to do is to study marketing, how to promote your business or product. How to classify your website or your business as legit, is I think the most difficult things to do right now, if you going to start your business now.


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