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ShopBase-the platform for white label, dropshipping, and POD business

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  • ShopBase-the platform for white label, dropshipping, and POD business

    We're excited to announce that we officially launched ShopBase - the must-have platform for white label, dropshipping, and print on demand. Its features are powerful and its pricing is cheaper than Shopify. All apps in ShopBase App Store are currently free. Woohooo.

    ShopBase's best features:
    1. Store Creator: A powerful feature to quickly create a full store within one click and you don't have to build dropshipping websites or print on demand stores from scratch.
    2. Migrate to ShopBase: A 100% free app which helps back up your store or import products from other platforms into ShopBase easily.
    3. Conversion optimization: Everything is built for conversion rate. You’ll be surprised with the high page loading speed of your store.
    4. Large product variants: Up to 1000 variants.
    5. Free and quick import products tools: Three ways to upload products to your store. All are free.
    6. Diverse upsell and cross-sell tools: Quantity discount, last step up-sell, smart up-sell, product recommendation, and post-purchase upsell.
    7. Cart abandonment recovery: Increase revenue by 5% with cart abandonment email and by 20% with SMS.
    8. World-class fulfillment services: Enjoy fast shipping time, reliable product test, and premium packaging from Cross Panda.
    9. ShopBase Payments: A new way to receive payments online easier, faster, and more secure.
    Sign up for an account today and enjoy 14-day free trial. No strings attached.

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    This is a wonderful post and I really like ShopBase's features. Well, you come up with the nice information and now I want to try it as they are offering a 14-days free trial.
    Wholesaler of Custom Products


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