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What's the best kind of financial services I should invest in from my bank?

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  • What's the best kind of financial services I should invest in from my bank?

    So I had saved some money (like $1000) and decided to deposit it in my savings account at the bank. When I got there though I saw some other services that would give a higher rate than my savings account like time deposits, a high yield savings account, some UITFs and mutual funds. Now, I don't need to use my money right away so I could put it in any of these financial instruments but I don't know where to start as I have never had anything more than a savings account. Any idea where I should put my money? I'm really not familiar with funds and time deposits. Thank you!

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    I think you should search or study first about investments. There are many options but you need to choose according to your profile.
    I encourage you to know what type of investor are you; conservative, moderate, or aggresive. There are several sites where they'll ask you some questions and they'll tell you what type of investor you are. After this, they will give you security recommendations and it will be easier for you to choose which investment products to try.
    Personally, I'm also a beginner and right now, I only invested on a mutual fund just like what my proffesor suggested. My earning is low but it's not risky and I'm still learning.


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      i think you can invest in high risk merchant account and other prize bonds etc things, you can also invest in shares.


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