What you need to know about private keys


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Hi pals , today I want to teach few things about private keys ,which I think will be helpful .

Private keys are like the keys to the doors on your house , once you lock the door , you need the key to open it.

Now coming to cryptocurrency , once you uninstall your wallet , you will be asked to insert them before you can recover the funds in it , so once you lose these keys , you won't be able to access the wallet anymore.

So you need to write out your private keys in a book which only you can have access to ,because once someone gets to your private keys , he can get to your wallet .

You also need to avoid using screenshot to save your wallet , as it might expose your wallet to risk , from apps which have access to your gallery , especially those that have malware.

In some wallets , it is called recovery seed or phrase , some call it seed phrase . All this are the same name for the private key .


Thanks for this wonderful thread , I have come across these words , the moment I create a new wallet after downloading it , I ensure my recovery phrase are written some where safe in at least two different places both online and offline.

I also do the same for wallet ID and passwords because they are vital details needed.

However, I was checking some things on my trust wallet then I discovered another key called public export key, this is different from the recovery key or phrase, it is available for different coin and more like transactions hash. I am still digging to know more about it .