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1. Viewing Ads
When you log in to your publisher account, you will be given a daily quota of advertisements depending on the level of membership (Silver, Gold, Platinum)
All you have to do is click on each of them and wait till the webpage loaded completely.
You will get paid $0.01 for each Ad you click if you’re on the Silver or Gold package and $0.02 if you’re on the Platinum package.
Please note that the Platinum package is currently not available for our country.
You will learn more about Star-Clicks packages in the next section.

2. HTML code method
You will be given a unique HTML code for your account.
You have to create a small blog (you can do this for free), write a small blog post and paste the HTML code on a side of the blog post.
Then advertisements will be displayed on the place where you pasted the HTML code.
When someone clicks an advertisement there, you make money.

3. Referral commissions
When you refer people to join Star-Clicks, you will earn,
- $0.08 per sign up
- $5 per gold package upgrade
- $10 per platinum package upgrade

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