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What You Need To Know Before Choosing a Payment Processor or Payment Gatway.

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    What You Need To Know Before Choosing a Payment Processor or Payment Gatway.

    Are you're looking to offer your customers a safe and easy way to pay online, since all payment processors aren't created equal. It's a really good idea to know the ins and outs of how an online payment functions from start to finish, so you can avoid pitfalls and make the most effective choice to protect and grow your business.
    The main player’s in an online payment is you and your customer to accept credit cards from customers.

    You'll need a couple of things, an internet merchant account and a payment gateway on top of that you can also choose to include an alternative payment method, like PayPal to service those customers who shy away from using credit cards once those pieces are in place.

    Here's what happens next, a customer makes a purchase from your checkout page by submitting their payment information, that information is then sent to the payment gateway. The Gateway then encrypts the payment information and shuttles it to a series of approved payment processors and networks for authorization where the payment is either accepted or declined.

    That decision then shoots back to your customer and all that flurry of activity takes place in about two seconds. The final step happens, after the gateway sends the transaction to the payment processors and the money is transferred from the customer’s bank into your account.So as you've seen a payment moves through several parties often with varying providers for each transaction since things can get really complex really fast.

    Some payment solutions make things easier to manage by offering everything you need bundled together into an all-in-one solution.
    If you already have an internet merchant account, some solutions allow you to use a gateway to accept credit cards and offer the option to add alternative payment methods. There are a lot of different solutions out there.

    Before you decide on the best online payment system for your business make sure, the solution you choose provide solid answers to the following questions:
    1. first is it secure search for a payment solution that's PCI compliant has a trusted name and make sure it's safe with systems that have never been breached.
    2. second is it reliable look for a solution that's always available with backup systems in place.
    3. finally, is it easy to use, you'll want to get up and running quickly so your solution should be easy to integrate and flexible with accessible technical support and resources so that it can meet your needs.
    As your business grows and to keep things easy for your customers make sure you can accept an order on your website in online marketplaces over the phone and even in person. When making this important decision, it's worth taking the time to find a payment solution that provides the security reliability and ease-of-use needed to continue earning high marks from your customers as your business enters the world of online payments

    I was looking for how to get the best payment Gateway for my online business. This post is an eye opener.

    I am considering using Google checkout as my payment Gatway is google own the web. I hope am taking the right decision? I also belive google checkout will be the easiest compare to other complicated payment gateway.


      Definitely owning business online needs a reliable and secured payment gateway to be able to send and receive money from clients and customers for sales.This post is really insightful, like PayPal is a very secured payment gateway, it doesn't have issues of downtime and not be being to be reached at any time and its support system is swift so it worth the use.


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