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Encouraging Your Sales Team

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    Encouraging Your Sales Team

    A good sales manager needs to be able to: Supervise sales staff. Develop sales plans and strategies. Set targets for the team. Keep track of sales overall performance. Personally manage key customers and also prepare sales reports. Motivating a sales staff is all about love and not conflict. But if you are thinking about ways to encourage a sales team, take into account the following strategies.

    1. Focus on working together.

    Usually sales staff are usually competing against themselves, aiming to beat previous months figures and get a higher percentage compared to they ever have got.

    There is nothing wrong with this, however, you could easily get better results simply by having every person within the sales team to work collectively.

    2. Have frequent sales meetings.

    Your sales guys may dislike it, and you might, as well. Who would like to disrupt their own work for another meeting?
    Nevertheless, getting everybody check in quickly each and every day—or once or twice a week—to discuss their most recent sales and what they are working on could be a effective driving force.
    Sales staff need mentorship. Be on the job as needed and train the sales team.

    3. Understand bonuses aren't always about cash.

    Indeed, your sales staff need commission, and they also enjoy seeing their accounts full. Most business people can confirm that cold income does not drive everyone.

    “No-one comes to work to make a lot more natural bits of paper with photos of deceased presidents on them. These people come to work for exactly what the cash is going to do for them.

    To encourage your sales team they have to realize that they are part of the success and failure of the company. As a Sales Manager they have to feel that you treat them fairly so that they can be motivated. Incentives should be given as well like awards of recognition and monetary rewards. If they have a quota and they were not able to meet it, they should not be reprimanded but instead ask them what is the problem and offer them solution.

    As a Sales Manager, meetings to motivate the team should be done on a regular basis. On these activities try to find out what are the problems they encounter like objections they encounter.


      Absolutely right. Being a team leader you should always remember and put into your mind that you're also a member of your own thoughts. Whatever you ask or say to your team will always bounce back to you. There are three different kinds of leader. One is the BOSS type, the one who bosses around, trying to be the most manipulative and control everyone. Well it's quite good, though you're team might actually leave and you'll be alone in the good paradise. LOL. Second is the UNDERLING, a leader whose always nice, never you have seen angry, and I'm sure he's pretty adored by his team, likely to be treated much lesser than the team members itself and became the worker of his own thoughts. And finally is the BUDDY, the one who acts as a friend even though you're the leader, one who can feel others but doesn't intend to be undermined but rather encourage them for the benefit of success. A nice meeting with BUDDY type will eventually turn into an opportunity of knowing other's special skill that can be used to make the ladder of success.


        Right motivation is what workers need to be able to work properly and effectively. So, as a team leader, encouraging your sales team is a need. "Your mouth speaks what your heart is full of", a team leader should be full of love, caring, sensitive and motivated. You can never give something that you don't have.


          I'm working in a marking field and I'm still studying and making research strategies to help my team. It is a big challenge for me to motivate them for us to reach our monthly quota. One important thing in marketing is to let your them study the product, they should know every single thing about it. Let the conduct searches to improve their knowledge about it so its easy for to deal it. As of now, I'm focusing on building our unity because I believe the that we can do everything if we work as a team. I motivate them to enhance their self-confidence for them to face our clients without fear. I also encourage them to take their own to do list or checklist so they can evaluate their selves if why meet their daily goal. We have how daily meeting so we can discuss and share our ideas through brainstorming.


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