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How can I become influential?

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  • How can I become influential?

    You want to become influential in which domain?—Always be specific with your goals. Create a mental image of what you want in the first place. Otherwise, you won’t be able to hit the target. That sweet spot.

    The short answer is that: You must begin to talk about facts rather than pushing your opinions on others. Tell them what they want to hear!

    Here is the long version of the answer:

    To become fluent in any language you must increase your vocabulary daily—The same thing can be applied when a person wish to become influential in the world.

    I mean, you must keep reading books that are related to the topic you want to pursue in life—Reading will alter your mentality and you will begin to explore new ideas that you thought were impossible to achieve. It will open more doors for you.

    Look and observe all the motivational speakers—Their first priority is to keep themselves busy with books. Transforming old ideas to this new generation by simplifying the matter down for those who can’t easily comprehend them.
    An extract from “The Prince” By Niccolo Machiavelli.

    “There is nothing new under the sun”—Yes, even all the new technologies today are mostly based on the old ideas. We’re simply improving and taking new perspectives from them.

    However, reading doesn’t mean how many books you have read into your life—You must focus on the understanding of the material rather than the quantity. The quality of the book matters (mostly non-fiction over fiction).

    Big books are out of fashion—You can even listen to the audio-books whenever you don’t feel like reading. Or, listening while reading the book at the same time just to get the overall idea.

    Finally, I’m still trying to figure out why watching TV is regarded to be bad while reading newspaper is considered to increase our intellectual mind. Enjoy!

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