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Real ways to make money from home

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    Real ways to make money from home

    Is there any real ways for me to start making money from home, a lot of people do talk about affiliate network but i feel most affiliate network are just scam and they don't really payout, when you have earn a lot they will just ban you. Any legitimate ways to make money from home?

    There are a lot of ways. for me I'm using you will be a webpage tester or sometimes an application tester for android and apple. they will pay you $10 for every completed task.


      There are so many lot of ways how to earn from home just using the internet. One of the things that you need to consider is if this is LEGIT. What I usually do is watch youtube. I found one youtuber/blogger who constantly posting and making video about ways to make money from home. Try to look for him, his name is James Tristan Ruiz. And also try some online surveys, but the problems about surveys is, it will take a lot of time and you need to answer to many surveys before you will able to redeem the cash.


        Originally posted by fredoman View Post
        There are a lot of ways. for me I'm using you will be a webpage tester or sometimes an application tester for android and apple. they will pay you $10 for every completed task.
        I tried my hands on Usertesting. But, sadly I hardly got any task. Soon, I gave up. Maybe, my geographical conditions did not make me eligible for the tasks.

        Can you guide me if there are any steps that I can undertake so as to increase my eligibility?


          Can anyone teach me the legit ways to earn money from home using online???


            I am now working as an online teacher and it is LEGIT. I've been working as an online teacher for more than a year now.


              Honestly I'm also looking for some legit home based job, or work from home. In YouTube, there's a lot of advertisement videos about the work from home and earn a lot of money but the problem is, a lot of them are scam. And It's really hard to trust because some of them need the investment, is there any one here can share about the legit work from home jobs?


                you can try I think you need a working Paypal account for this to be actually hired as a freelance, plus there also a subscription fee i think with this site. but I suggest got no subscription needed although you will work out for a great proposal before you ever get hired.. well the key is try an try until you succeed. s


                  About two years ago I put up a small printing business at home which I did on my free time during working days and on weekends. It was a combination of digital printing and screen printing. I was doing t-shirts and other small print jobs for like tote bags but was mostly doing t-shirts. The income was quite good specially if you happen to stumble on a customer who orders in bulks and pays on time. However if you have a customer who orders in bulks and runs away from you after delivery of goods then you have a problem, in my case I had one and that was enough for me to hold fire for awhile and instead get myself occupied with my day job. I have always wanted to get back to printing because I actually enjoy doing it. The problem I am facing right now though is space on where to do it. The house is just too crowded and congested now. I'd probably go and rent a small place somewhere close to home.


                    Hello. I'm also struggling right now as to how I can find a real part time job from home in order to support our finances. I come across a lot of ads from Youtube too but many are just not for real. I have also tried registering in some sites but their qualifications are very high. Anyway, I keep on trying hoping that one of these days I can finally find something very useful for me.
                    On the other hand, I guess one thing that can help us earn from home is to work with our passion. Like for example, if you love to cook or make pastries, you can try doing it and advertise via Social Media like Facebook. It's Christmas Season and many might be interested to order your goodies as their gifts. I wish I can do this too but for now, I cannot because I have a baby to take care of. :-). Good luck!


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