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EMPLOYERS have a really bad reputation

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  • EMPLOYERS have a really bad reputation

    1) There are many good employers out there, but it is the bad ones that get all the attention. Every profession has good apples and bad apples. Recruiters are humans too. They have empathy, they lose jobs like the rest of us, they care.
    2) Recruiters are often put in an awkward position of being a messenger for bad behavior of hiring managers.
    3) Companies do not hire enough of internal recruiters. That is why the industry average of 6 seconds per resume is there, that's why they are overworked to their eyeballs.
    4) It is relatively easy to write a post bashing them and get a lot of likes and popularity. What is right and what is popular are two very different things. Integrity is doing what is right, not what is popular.

    Good recruiters care, they prepare you for interviews, they get back to you quickly.

    A good RECRUITER stands for

    R - Respectful
    E - Energetic
    C - Caring
    R - Resourceful
    U - Understanding
    I - Intelligent
    T - Trustworthy
    E - Encouraging
    R - Reliable

    Bashing others is a waste of time. Instead of bashing bad recruiters, we should be tagging good ones.

    That’s a lot more productive for people who are looking for jobs.

    Agree ?

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    Agree! Good successful recruiters are all over the place but we tend to focus our attention on the negative aspects, there is plenty of requiters there that have great qualities such as: gracefull, think ahead, play well with hiring managers, keep an open mind, empathize and understand that mistakes can be made into valuable lessons and experiences.


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