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How not to be nervous on the first day of work?

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    How not to be nervous on the first day of work?

    At your first day at work you may nervous because you will meet new people and you going to do new things.
    This are some few tips on how not to be nervous on your first day at work:
    1. Go to Bed Early. Spend the night before your new job getting ready.
    2. Arrive to Work on Time.
    3. Dress Appropriately for the Job.
    4. Have a Lunch Plan and Keep a Nutritious Snack in Your Purse.
    5. Avoid Tuna Fish.
    6. 6. Make Friends With Your Colleagues.
    7. Don't Jack Your Cubicle Up With Tchotchkes.
    8. Play Nice With Others.
    You can share your ideas with us.

    Plan your route nothing is more important on that ominous first day than simply making it on time. Seems easy enough. But though you can count on your own punctuality, often times it seems like every other car on the road is conspiring against you. Plan for that. Plan for the broken down Civic in the middle of the intersection. Plan for the grandmother with Cataracts oblivious she is driving in the fast lane. Make sure you leave with ample time to get there and plan your route in advance. This is valuable time that can be used to get calm and focused, instead of weaving through traffic at break-neck speeds, cursing out everybody in you’re way because you’re now late


      Hello. First day at work will create a lot of impressions about you, so you have to be calm and not be nervous. If you are hired because of your skills, I don't think you have a reason to be nervous, instead be confident that you can do the job. First thing, be punctual. Being time-conscious will give people the idea that you value your time very well and that you are going to be productive most of the time. Eat a good breakfast too, that will help a lot, since an empty stomach can create stomach upset. Get dressed fit for the job. In that way you will look pleasing in doing your job. Also, be friendly to everyone, remember you are the new one and you have to give others a positive feeling about you joining the workplace. Finally, think of enjoying your job, that will make things a lot lighter. Good luck!


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