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  • Business Ideas for a College Student

    I am an entrepreneur at heart. Way back, I would always have these weird ideas in my head during classes on how I could start a business and make money. One thing that I did for a while was flipping. I buy products and goods at low prices, and then I'll sell them to people I know with a markup.

    Most of my customers were classmates, maintenance employees of the schools, and even teachers. Mostly, products I sell are used and has something to do with technology, such as flash drives, cell phones, etc. Cellphone casings are popular with girls back then.

    How about you guys? What are businesses you think a college student can do? Please do share your thoughts and experiences regarding the matter. Thanks!

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    Back in the college I was a recharge card dealer,this is one business that is campus friendly.people need airtime to make calls all the time and as such businesses like this can be very lucrative. I was netting like $300-500 monthly from this business.


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      There are lot of Business a student can venture into while in school, and you will make decent amount to support your feeding or some of your bills.

      Recharge Card Selling
      Attachment and weavon
      Body creams and Hair Cream
      Male or Female wears.
      Assisting people of their project

      You must do what interest you and you will excel in it. While i was in college i was into Attachment and weavon and i was able to make good amount of money.


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        I don't know if you can consider my experience as a business but I do services for others. I type and encode data for students who are too lazy to do their projects. ( Ha.Ha. Ha ) I do research for them. I also do tutorial especially on excel application since they find it difficult. I remember selling some chorizo and fruits but it never turned out to be lucky. I'm not good at convincing people. But it was a good memory to recall.


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          In my college years, I observed that most college students do not eat their breakfast due to lack of time and like eating a lot in their free time. So I think it is still best to sell food products because people love foods and most of their expense went to food. I actually sell snacks but not in college but when I was in high school. They liked it but it was disheartening sometimes whenever I gain no profit because some of my classmates unashamedly stole my snacks and never paid it. So, I suggest you to enlist the names of your customers who bought your product so you might know who steal your food or forgot to pay you.


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            It can be difficult for students to balance a part-time job with a heavy class schedule. Being a college student does not in any way stop one from engaging in profitable business activities. There are college students who earn several thousands of dollars from their business. The truth is that, it is safer to test your entrepreneurial skills whilst you are still in college. This is because of the point that being able to venture into business means that you are starting out on the right foot. The truth is that if a student can create time for social life and also for the internet, they can as well create time to start and manage a business. In recent times, the internet has made it possible for people to successfully launch businesses with little or no stress and as a student, you can leverage on the potential of the internet to launch your business. There are several internet based businesses and offline businesses that a college student can successfully start with little or no start – up capital within campus, off campus and during holidays.


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              I was like you when I was in college. Selling gave me enjoyment not really for the profit but for the feeling of being a successful sales person. Selling clothing items and personal accessories can give you a good profit if you will allow installment payments. That's what I usually do to lure my classmates to buy my goods. They always fall for my line - you can pay it later or maybe next week or even next month. Just be sure that the classmate is of good standing when it comes to credit.


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                You can also start a small towing servicesbusiness and make good money


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                  Maybe you can start by identifying your interests and the things that you love to do. From that, you can check the opportunities that are open for you. You can also expand your business by adding new items and creating new market. You can also check for other sites that pay like bitlanders.com and lifepointspanel.com.


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                    Start blogging. Choose an appropriate platform as per your liking like blogspot, wordpress or wix and create a blog as per your interest and write about it. Try to post regularly and post high quality, relevant and interesting content. Also, add adsense to your account. When visitors to your websites start increasing you will start to earn money from google. Afterwards, you can also add affiliates to your websites and make more money.
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