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A Practical Method for Generating Affiliate Commission

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    IDEAS A Practical Method for Generating Affiliate Commission

    If you are trying to promote affiliate products to make money online, I’m sure you are always in search of the good methods and techniques that you can use to maximize your affiliate commission. There is one method that actually worth a try. The method is simple. It is by using the combination of articles and squeeze pages. Both your articles and squeeze pages will be created specifically to promote your affiliate products and generate commission. It is a method that anyone can test and below is a step-by-step guide to help you get started if you are interested to use this affiliate marketing method:
    Step 1
    Create a squeeze page. The purpose of this squeeze page is to build a list of subscribers who are interested on your affiliate product or service. So, your squeeze page should be offering something free to your potential customers. It can be a free product, a free e-course, free newsletter or anything that you think will be appealing and beneficial to your potential customers. Whatever you are offering to your potential customers through your squeeze page, you should make sure it is relevant to your affiliate product or program.

    The design of the squeeze page should be simple and looking clean. It should state exactly what you want to offer to your potential customers. In addition to that, it will be great to include a video presentation on your squeeze page as well. This can boost up your opt-in rate. Add a simple online form on your squeeze page so that the targeted visitors and potential buyers can enter their name and email address to sign up your free offer. An auto-responder has to be set up as well to collect and manage the contact information of your list subscribers.

    You do need some web design knowledge to create a squeeze page. But you aren’t proficient in web design; you may use a website builder like Xsitepro to build a squeeze page. Xsitepro is an easy-to-use site builder that allows you to build website without having to know much about HTML. Another solution is to hire someone to build the squeeze page for you.

    Step 2
    Take time to write informative articles that are related to your squeeze page. Make sure the articles are spelling and grammar error free and offering some value to the readers. Once you have a bunch of articles created, you can start publishing them on the big article directories such as,, and Make sure all your articles have an author bio at the end with a link to your squeeze page added. The link will direct the readers to your squeeze page to check out your free offer.
    The article submission should be done constant in order to generate a steady flow of traffic for your squeeze page.

    If possible, you should submit at least two articles to the articles directories. This must be taking a lot of work. You can consider hiring some writers to help you out. Digital Point forum is a good place to find some low cost writers to create the content for you.

    Step 4
    Monitor the performance of your squeeze page. Login to your web hosting account to check the stat of your squeeze page; find how many daily unique visitors your page is getting from your article marketing campaigns and also check your autoresponder to see the daily opt-in rate. This gives you an idea of the conversion rate of your squeeze page.

    If you aren’t happy with the conversion rate or you want to increase the rate, there are certain things you can do like reviewing your squeeze page and making changes to your squeeze page design and your sale copy. As mentioned before, adding a video presentation will potentially improve your conversion rate dramatically. So, you can try adding a video.

    Take the time to test with different changes you made to your squeeze page. If the result still not improves, you’ll need to implement more ideas in. Testing has to be continued until you find a way to improve the performance.

    When you have generating traffic for your squeeze page for some time, you should have got a number of subscribers in your list. You can start getting in touch with them by send them information that they are interested. Whenever there are any free offers, you should always share with them. When time getting longer, the subscribers will get to know you more and start to trust you. This is the time to begin recommending your affiliate products to them through email. The product or service that you recommend should be quality and it is what they need or want otherwise your subscribers wouldn’t bother to check out your recommended offer.

    As the subscribers have been following you for some time and they trust you, every time when you send out any offer to them, some of them would probably be happy to take your offer. So, you can make affiliate commission each time you send out an offer to your list. Sometimes you can offer extra to those who take your offer. It can be a free gift or something else. This can encourage more of your subscribers to purchase affiliate products. Any good idea that you can come up with for getting more affiliate sales through email marketing, you can test it.

    Listing building has been proven to be an effective technique of generating affiliate commission. So you can maintain your list well and keep working on marketing to build up your list. The bigger the size of your list, the more the affiliate sales you’ll potentially make.

    Getting good Affiliate commission is the goal of every Affiliate user. Your information is beneficial in achieving this target.
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