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A moment to introduce myself. I am a recovering Compulsive Gambler who's last bet was November 21, 2007 and since that time I have published 10 books most of which have had to do with recovery. I am looking to post encouragements and help for those who have any addiction or are dealing with life issues.
hi guy's it is nice to see you all here with deferent country n deferent culture, ok i need more knowledge from you so lets begin.
This is set of flower making molds. It has 100 pieces. This is related to my art and craft work. I sell these molds in retail and wholesale price. For more details , Interested members can check my YouTube channel
Stylish Floral Art
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Good evening here; and the morning and the business. They call me peniel prestige; I am a student and I started online jobs. But I heard about this forum which is very good so I decided to subscribe. In fact I am also in cryptocurrency. I will share my experiences with you dear members of the group.
My name is Esther, Am a young entrepreneur, who is always open to learning new things.
Am here to share and gain knowledge . I am very happy to be part of this forum.
Survey sites offer one of the best ways to make money online, they do not take much of one's time and some of them pay you your money instantly, provided you were able to complete the survey after you started without any distractions.
However, there seems to be some inequality in the way different people get survey invite notification. I am beginning to think there is a kind of set up one would do when registering on a survey site so that you can qualify to get better surveys and make more mo