Crypto Would You Invest In The Omicron Token?


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The world of cryptocurrency is quite strange. We are now seeing the blockchain technology getting evolved by the passage of time and we can also see new and new cryptocurrency being developed by the passage of time. We may never know what kind of strange technology could be available in the future, but right now we have been witnessing the development of "Covid" token. According to Coin Market Cap, the Covid token does not have any real value, however, there is another token known as "Omicron" that has been launched in the market and now it is gaining much popularity. As we can see, this token got its name from the new variant of the Covid-19 virus. According to the data available on Coin Market Cap, the diluted value of Omicron Token is more than $426,794,140. This is quite impressive considering the fact that this is a really new token.


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Covid token or Omicorn token for that matter are just the names of tokens, they have nothing to do with coronavirus or coronavirus variant. Looks like people who create tokens have run out of names and are trying to pull the attention of people with all sorts of silly names.