Wintube is scam!!!!!!


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Hey folks,
You might be in a relationship with a website called wintube. In it, you get paid for watching videos as far as they concern.
But it's a total scam site.
So, don't go with it. you can earn better and more good money with a method called ***
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There are many scam sites where we have already worked without knowing anything. I have also wasted time and lost much money as I could not cash out that money. You have mentioned a word that Wintube is such a site that does not allow one to withdraw earnings. So, one should not go, but, you should have said more words about the site.


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Hmmm, you have got some brain upstairs, and I appreciate that you reveal that the above mentioned website is a scam, I will try as much as possible to avoid the website whenever I am online,. And also I will like to know the legit website you are talking about so I will do what you said.
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But it's totally up to you.


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To be honest, you deserved to be worshipped. This is because you have saved people from the scam activites that this website may be trying to perpetuate. That's the reason why most time I always take time to read the review websites of any website that I want to join to avoid all these.
yes,, wintube is scam,, i do try to follow the rules to watch video almost 2 weeks but the paid day and day the value always go down,, so if you want to withdraw is almost impossible,, LOL,, :cry::mad:


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Wintub is a well-known scam and we all know this for a very long time. It was already reviewed on Beermoney Forum and many members on that forum have already stated that Wintub is a scam and they have not been paid by them. The amount they paid to watch videos is just unrealistic and it has also been marked as a ascam site by Beermoney forum admin.