Why should I invest in DeFi?


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Decentralized finance (DeFi) is a non-custodial financial platform where financial transactions are undergoing without the help of the intermediaries. Many growing industries are choosing DeFi because inventors are Looking forward to easy and quicker transactions without any interruption to the middle man.
DeFi projects are offering people with the best services that includes easy currency exchange, loan transaction, fast payment method etc.,. DeFi has a number of security features that help them attract more users. Each transaction in the DeFi platform is stored securely in the blockchain so the user can access it any time. Hacking and misuse of random numbers is impossible in the DeFi as it can be detected easily. Not only because of its security features but also because it is more profitable through staking, yield farming etc.,.
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I always heard this term in airdrops many airdrop like pointpay or others are supporting Defi option, I remember even some airdrop paying by probit are supporting DeFi option so as I read in your description it is a security measure like DDOS attack protection for a hosting website so DeFi is like hardware core of a bitcoin wallet so that is why many sites are supporting nowadays DeFi technology. The article seems informative and constrective I didn't took many attention to the term before reading it.