Why money is worth making.


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Majority is here know exactly what money looks like and even if from a mare distance we are able to identify what money look like but one question that we need to ask ourselves is the fact why money is worth making . Yes in order to answer this question we must understand that money in the is a very powerful and resourceful to or assets that every individual must endeavour to have possibly to some extent and when an individual have a lot of money he or she in turns has the capability and ability to satisfy his needs and wants . So with this in mind it is very vital and honestly perceptive to say that making money is worth the sacrifice and also their actions that we encounter in order to achieve money . The only problem that is in the world today is the way that majority of people are making money and what that means is that they go in extent of doing some bizarre things that are totally accepted and must be discouraged just important to make money . Some have to go as far as to sacrifice and also to kill their own fellow men in order to appease some sort of god's just to make lots and lots of money .

It is very important that we have peace of mind while enjoying and making money that is why it is advised that I don't like money in the right and acceptable way and that definitely does not involve killing or indulging any illegitimate ways of making money . They are so much right and acceptable ways of making money some of which include engaging themselves on various online jobs and activities .


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It is absolutely very true that money is a very important and resourceful to that every individual must endeavour to have even if he or she does not aspire to be rich but at least to some extent he or she must have money . The inability to satisfy your wants and needs simply means that such individual is broke and poor and we actually do not want to be broke and poor because being broke and poor is a very critical situation that every individual must endeavour to avoid and to discourage . There is absolutely no individual on planet earth that would say that money has not impact his life because even I personally money has actually impacting my life in the sense that when you have money you have confidence .

So with this in mind I will say that money actually worth the time and energy that we put in it in order to make it . It is absolutely very sad to see the majority of people today do not care about your financial welfare that is why every choose to remain broke and also to remain poor and take life the way it is but that is absolutely not true and it should never be our mindset .


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Hello everyone! The topic you have chosen is very interesting indeed. I totally agree with everything you mention in your post. It is true that money is very important in life, so it is worth making. You cannot survive without money. You need money to cover your daily needs and the needs of your family. Furthermore, money offers financial freedom. If you have money, you can make dreams and plans for your future. You can buy what you need for yourself and your family and perhaps go to the best universities of the world if you are interested in studying.

In my opinion, money makes life easier. Consequently, it is very significant to find a good, legit job either online or offline and make some money to support yourself and your family. Of course, you must always have in mind that although money is important, it cannot buy happiness. There are things that are more important in life like health, love and peace.