General insurance Why Do You Need Insurance?


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There are so many ways one join a group of like minded people this means each and every person has the reason of participating in a certain activities. I remember when I still in school, a boy was asked why he always come to school and all the answer he gave was he is schooling so that he can read and right.
We were surprised to hear this from him but that is individual differences. People are coming to school so that they can get a better job in the nearest future and you are here just because you want to know how you can read and right?

Likewise, maybe, you might have the reason of joining insurance company.
Insurance is the way of managing risk. When you buy insurance, you transfer the cost of potential loss to the insurance company. There are about 8types of insurance that I know and these are:

1 Car insurance
2 health insurance
3 Home insurance
4 Pet insurance
5 Disability insurance
6 Liability insurance
7 long Term care insurance.

Which of them do you prefer and why will you need it?
Just share your opinion.


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Everyone has purpose why they're going for something. Those who seek greener pastures has purpose, and also those who go to school all have purposes for that. So do individuals who enroll into insurance has genuine reasons for that. They've looked into its future, and realized the need to safeguard their lives and property in case of uncertainty.


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Well insurance could be needed based on different reasons. Some might need it for their car, it might be for the protection one’s property, business, health or even life itself. This is why the insurers established so many types of policy plan that might definitely get you covered on what you need it for


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The importance of insurance policy cannot be overemphasized and with a closer look at its benefits it is always advice able to individuals, business owners and companies to purchase these insurance policies for certifies insurance with a good record for how they come to the aid of the insured and durability in giving the insured his or her real benefits.


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There is no doubt that every individual needs insurance because some uncertainties may happen at any period of time. there are several types of insurance in which individuals can venture into and they get their selves and property is covered. I consider health insurance as the most important because health is wealth.


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I think health insurance policy would be the most important one for me , considering the protection I could get for my health and also the medical checkup bonus I would get from the insurance company would actually make me want to reconsider the said policy before anything else I think