Where can I get this type loan


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Can anyone here tell me where I can get a loan and use my fundraising project as a collateral?

I started a fundraising project since last year to raise fund for my school and the first attempt was a successful one. We are able to raise $11,001 out of $11,000 to buy some urgent and necessary need for the schools.

I have started another new campaign and has raise over $3,700. Now I need $48,000 loan to pay for the campaign boost which will be done by 3 professional marketers that I will employ for the job. My target is to raise $380,000 but will be doing this gradually.

As the fund raised hits $100,000 there will be cash out for you. Your loan capital and interest will be calculated and refund payment will be made directly into your bank account.

I will take the loan for 4 months period with 30% interest charges. Any interesting lender or investor willing to do this or you know someone that can do it should send me his/her contact details.

All the needed prove will be forwarded to you on demand.


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Hello, as I am running a business that is why often I have to take loan and now I am looking for a loan from
​​loan sharks as I do have another loan also that is why. Can anyone let me give some info regarding this.


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I know where you can get such funds without any down deposit required, just let me know if you are actually serious.


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This is a huge amount of money you are looking for. I think you should write a business proposal in respect of that and look for investors to invest into the project.