What will happen if I use a dead relative's details to take a loan?


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Sometimes back, there was a loan by the government of my country given out to support business owners with the hope of cushioning the effect of the Corona virus pandemic. There are many young people who took the loan and spent it on unprofitable things like getting a brand new iPhone, some bought clothes and things like that. They already believe that the government is not going to request for a refund of the loan when it is time to pay back.

From my little research, I realized that some of them filled in the bank details of their deceased relatives in order to be able to receive the money?
What do you think would happen? Can the government find out?


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Nothing you are to do, you just have to pay the loan....you have you details with you BVN collected by the loan organization..... Filling you decreased relation shows that you engage in ripping the organization and i believe legal action have to be taking over such person... How can someone with reason get up huge amount of load and divert on unprofitable things.....it is uncalled for


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Using the details of a deceased relative to apply for a loan is a pure scam and that offense would be punishable by law. Although I don't understand how that could be possible following the introduction of BVN or biometrics capturing before a loan request is approved.


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In Nigeria, I don't think this would be possible because if certain documents and process that has been put in place to checkmate such things from happening. First of all, there is what is called Bank Verification Number (BVN) which is complusory for a bank account owners and it comes with a comes with biometrics. So you and your deceased relative would have a BVN if you have bank accounts. Also, there what is called National Identification Number (NIN) which all citizens of Nigeria must have and also has your biometrics on it. The bank would also request for this if you are to get a loan. So with these checkmates, it's impossible to use your deceased details to get a loan. And Hey, it's a criminal offence, if you are caught, you'll go to jail.