What Web Hosting did you choose?


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I wanted to start up my own website and eventually turn it into an e-commerce page. I love writing and I only have a blog that is connected with Wordpress domain name. I have seen web page from other personalities, specifically bloggers I am following, and wanted to create it my own. With so many Web Hosting to choose from, I am a bit confused on what is the best fit for me. I know that by creating one, it would take a few bucks off my pocket. For beginners, which Web Hosting would you recommend and why?


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For beginner like you, I will highly recommend Shared Hosting if you don't have any budget on it since Shared Hosting are for beginners who are developing new websites and suitable for small traffic. Make Shared hosting as your stepping stones to start and when they grow, I suggest you to use VPS or Dedicated server.


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Last year I took the plunge and decided to get a shared hosting. I got many suggestions and also a lot of recommendations. But I decided to go with the hawkhost. I have been hosted with them for few years now. And the performance of the hosting service is pretty good with me. I am not sure how long it can be good for the hosting. But my experience with them is pretty good. I am going to stick with them as much as possible. As of now there does not seem to be any issues with the hosting though.

Another good suggestion I would recommend you to check out the Digital Ocean. The hosting company seems to have been good for those who need a lot of traffic and storage. In that I'd say you should check out one of these two hosts.