what is your Strategy of learning new Programming language?


Let's consider learning the PHP language for a complete beginner, I personally follow 10 steps, & I most likely focus on learning for free that is why I always head to youtube. this is a question asked in the tronictalk.com PHP forum.
  1. do some research on youtube about PHP
  2. write down the key points that most courses are explaining to be able to build a learning skeleton
  3. Go through some courses that explain everything at least check 10 courses & evaluate them. then pick the top 3 best courses.
  4. Pick one unique course that you think answers all you key points that you already wrote down.
  5. when you go through the course allow some time for yourself to rest.
  6. best practice 6 hours every day (2h for learning 4h for practicing).
  7. when you face something not clear try to look for answers in other courses (here come the other 2 courses that you choose in step 3)
  8. at the end of the course, you'll understand the concept of PHP programming in general.
  9. create a project to practice & test yourself. then evaluate yourself again.
  10. then make your decision either to take another course or just keep practicing.
there are many ways to learn for free online, & I recommend that you stick to the best one that suits your needs.


You can start by learning the scope of the language, always asking yourself what the programming language is capable of, study what its strengths and weaknesses are, what it should be used for, and what it shouldn't be used for. Accept that the syntax, rules and customs of this language may be different from other languages you are accustomed to. embrace this and you will more readily learn the intricacies of the language and work well with others who use the language. Learning a programming language can be challenging but you have to be determined too.


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Learning programming through free courses is not enough to master programming languages such as PHP. You need to take paid courses too because most of those paid courses come with projects to practice what you learn from the basic lectures.