what is Tronictalk?


Tronictalk is a forum website that pays for posting commenting or submitting articles, there is currently a contest on the forum to get extra Tronicoins (virtual currency that you can exchange for money min payout is $3). this is a great forum that has just started so there are huge opportunities ahead.
the forum offers a section for members to suggest new features or discussion forums be added. https://tronictalk.com/forums/suggestions/
the part that I liked the most about the contest in Tronictalk was
Posting in the Question & Answer Talk: from February 25th to April 25th
when you post in this forum, members have the ability to vote, so each member that reaches 100 votes will get 1000Tcs ($1)
What are you waiting for, joining the forum is free for now, the premium Forum there will be freebies, free services...& lots of cool stuff that might be for unique premium members only, harry up & be among them.


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I have recently worked with some couple of paid to write or comment website. I enjoy the fact that I am being paid for my time commenting on forums and also sharing ideas. I will check this site out I hope it is legit and also friendly like some sites that I have recently worked with. there are some great site out there that pays some people to write and also share their opinions and of course I love these site.