What is the nature of communication in business organizations?


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In communication signs and symbols are basic and acceptable signals drawing the attention of the audience or customers in communication. Words are other forms of symbols,the meaning of which we must agree upon as a medium of expression to stimulate actions in desired manner.

More often,oral and written words are put into operation in any work situation. For communication to take place, in an organization, it involved people. People are of different background, different disciplines and abovevall different status in the organization hierarchy.

Those at the top management level must communicate with those at the low management level through the middlemen, Known as managers. The process is complex in nature and requires special communication involves trying to understand how people relate to each other especial at work.

They must be willing to operate on the agrees terms in conformity with the company's polices.Employees are to view the company's goal as their ultimate goal which must be achieved.

What is the nature of communication in busineiszation? You idea will be highly welcome.

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Communication Makes business organization to boom in the market.there is no way one can maintain a good business relationship without having a good means of communication.A business without a good communication orientation will not have much customer.Customers are real people we deal with in business.


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The nature of communication is relationship you have built throught the work so using this relationship to build more partnership is mostly a good way for generate profits and generation to the company industry however it is good to choose partners you use to work. However customers inquiries are not very profiting for company so that is why it is good to choose customers to deal with.


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Different companies might decided to employ different ways of communicating with other each other or the general public depending on what they think works best for them. There can be a one-way communication in which only the superior are being tasked with the mantle of giving instructions down to the subordinates.