What are the benefits of great SEO?


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What are the benefits of great SEO?

The first benefit of a good SEO job is the generation of traffic growth to the optimized website, from the results of the searches carried out by users to increase the chances of conversion and therefore business, whether online sales, subscriptions or recruitment of prospects, guides.
SEO must be done inside (SEO on-page) and outside (SEO off-page) of the website. The first includes choosing and using the most descriptive keywords for your business or company, along with the use of tags (tag) and meta tags (meta tag) along with the page title (title tag).
Other factors are the number of words, the ALT descriptions of images and videos, since search engines use text to identify "objects" such as photos and videos, that is, any of these two elements without an ALT description is not recognizable or indexable.
Off-page or off-site SEO is the use of elements external to your website that cannot be directly controlled, such as inbound links, better known as link building; there are also dofollow or nofollow links; the inbound links or backlinks and the articles of your blog from your guests.


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There are various benefits one can derive from having a very great SEO as it makes our website much more attractive, and it helps in promoting the content we have to showcase to our target audience or segments of the target market. A very great SEO play vitals roles to making the site what we desire.


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Well, obviously great SEO is very crucial for monetization of your website. Many advertising network require you to have a great SEO and traffic in order for your website to get approved in the advertising network. Apart from that, you may get a really good readership and exposure to your website and drive more and more people to your website. This will obviously make you and your website more and more popular. This can be achieved by including popular keywords. The problems is that the game of keywords is not that easy to play. There are many popular websites already publishing content with popular keywords. This is why I always prefer social media networks when it comes to driving traffic to website.


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SEO provides us various benefits from search engines and other sources:
1. Drive Quality Traffic
2. Don't Need to pay for ads
3. Gets more click than PPC
4. Reporting and Analysis
5. Lifetime results