Top 4 Selling Skills on Fiverr


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If you want to use Fiverr to make money and want to know what the top skills to make money on Fiverr are, you will find this useful.

Promotional Video Ads: According to Fiverr search data, search volume for this skill has increased by 468 percent in the past six months. You can easily make $100-$200 per project.

Social Media Content Manager: This niche has increased search volume 361 percent in the past 6 months on Fiverr. You can earn $100-$200 per project.

Logistic website: The search volume for this job has increased on Fiverr by 268 percent in the last six months. This is a website building job aimed at businesses mainly involved with logistics. The job can earn you anywhere between $60 and $300.

3D CAD Modelling: 3D CAD Modelling is a digital rendering of products. The search for this job has increased by 297 percent in the past six months. You can easily earn $15-$100 per contract.


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Undoubtedly, Fiverr is one of the best platforms to make money online. If you have skills that’s fine, you can earn by selling your services, however, if you do not have any professional skills, you can still make money through dropservicing. Dropservicing means you become a bridge between the actual seller and actual buyer and earn a commission. I have listed a couple of services on Fiverr. One of my services is NFT Art creation. Before I listed this gig, I did some research and found that the search volume for NFT Art on Fiverr has gone up by 3505 percent in the past six months. I have seen some people charging as high as $5000 for NFT art collections (there could be up to 100 art images in one collection). Not everyone could make that kind of high amount but I believe you can easily make $50/$60 per NFT art if you are a good graphic artist.