Time frame in partnership business.


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Partnership business to me is a very wonderful business despite that it comes with it challenges , I have been into saveral partnership businesses which has been very successful though they are businesses that usually last for like six months or less . The exchange of ideas and management of looses in partnership business is usually interesting especially if you have the right partners in business.
There are lots of partnership businesses that have succeeded and sustained after a long time while there are other ones that has not been sustained due to one reason or the other .
In your opinion and experience if you are to go Into partnership business will you have the plan that partnership be dissolved after sometime and like how long?.


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I wonder why you need to put a time frame for a partnership. Maybe you have the idea that partnership is not permanent because it is not a good setup. That happened to my brother with his business partner. After operating the business for many years they parted ways. They dissolved the partnership and divided the assets between them.


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Many partnership business have last long than enough but some partnership business might not last long the purpose for all this is understanding when you have good understanding with your partner there's a possibility for such business to last very long but if you don't have good understanding with the person you are partnering with, such business will not last long