Things You Can Learn From Your Cat About Your Home Based Business


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As I am sitting here and typing out this article I am watching my cat lay lazily on the couch and I occurred to me that you might just be able to learn a lot about a home based business from the furry friends of the world. So here it is...things you can learn about a home based business from watching your cat.

1. Ask for what you want

If my cats bowl is even close to being empty you better believe that they are going to let me know about it. They will walk on me if need be, meow, paw at me... whatever. They won't stop asking for what they want until they get it. Sometimes in life and in your business you're not getting what you want because you're not asking for it enough.

2. Just relax
There is a time to work insanely hard and then there is a time to relax. If you don't relax you're going to burn out. Especially because your home based business probably isn't the only thing you have going on in life. With work and kids and friends and taking care of your house and about a million other things there needs to be a time when you just relax and recharge so that the next day you can attack the business like crazy. If you don't relax every now and then you'll burn out and you won't be as successful. Take it from my cats... now THEY know how to relax.

3. Keep your eye on the ball

Have you ever seen a cat play with a laser pointer on the ground, or maybe a flashlight or anything. They are SO FOCUSED! Nothing can distract them from what they want and what they want it that shiny red light (seriously if you've never done this before it's a must! So funny!) Sometimes we need to be more focused with what we want from our home based businesses. We need to keep our eyes on the prize and never be satisfied until it's ours. Sometimes we tend to lose focus from what we really want from our business. We need to know what we want and go for it with full force.

4. Never trust the dog

OK so that one has nothing to do with a home based business... but it is something cats do.