The SEO keyword research tool in 2021


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The best SEO keyword research tool in 2021 is Long Tail Pro, but why? The reason is it is a keyword researching software that gives the best keywords including all types like long and short.

The advantages:
Many different keywords can be searched at once and also it better helps in look for the competitors and their strategies and gives the best keywords based on that which leads to getting more traffic on your site . So this the best tool when compared to other keyword research tool.

Long Tail Pro is the best choice for who want to be rank No.1 with SEO by keyword research.


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  • KWFinder.
  • Ahrefs Keyword Explorer..
  • Google Keyword Planner.
  • GrowthBar.
  • Long Tail Pro.
  • Majestic.
  • Keyword Tool.


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There are many search engine optimisation tools that one can use and be successful online. There are some of them that I have free and some are paid. It is better you go for the paid ones because they will give you a better result in the sense that you will be successful online and whatever you are doing and also be able to rank.
Ahrefs remains one of my best SEO tool, h-supertool is also very good.


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Semrush and ahref search engine tools aren't included. This options have been known for long, helping webmasters rank their website contents high, through it's amazing features, keyword suggestions that is very authentic to get noticed on the search engine through easy one tap search by users.