The leader of the Social media


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Over the past decades there have been different types of social media platform, although these platforms are a bit different from one another but are all of the same simple purpose which is to make communication between people easy and faster.
Facebook, the 3rd most popular website in the world, one of the prominent and big shark in the ocean of social media is presently the leader in the social media industry. Over the past few years it have become so prominent owning other social media app/ platform {whats app and instagram ).
Another fast growing social media platform is Twitter. Twitter is also one of the widely used platforms that easily connect people all over the world.
Lastly on the list is telegram. Although most people aren’t on this platform compare to the other firstly mentioned platform but believe me Telegram is going to be ranging with facebook , its just a matter of time as this platform has very sleek user interface with other amazing features. For example, Do you know you can download an entire movie on telegram, more so most of these airdrop new cryptocurrency organizations uses telegram to as a mobile app to connect with their members.
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Do you think facebook is really the leader in social media industry and what interesting fact or feature do you know about telegram.