The important of Cleanliness toward Children


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Children are more likely to be healthy if their village, their homes, and they themselves are kept clean.
Teach children to follow them- and to understand their importance.
Here the most important guidelines:

- Bathe children and change their clothes often.

-Teach children always to wash their hands when they get up in the morning,after they have a bowel movement, and before they eat or handle food.

- Make latrines or ' outhouses' and teach children to use sandals or shoes.

- Where hookworm exists,do not let children go barefoot; use sandals or shoes.

- Cut fingernails very short.

- Do not let children who are sick or have sores, scabies, lice, or ringworm sleep with other children or use the same clothing or towels.

- Do not let children put dirty things in their mouths or let dogs lick their faces.


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There is always the need to make children clean and be healthy. This is because they are liable to transmit their sicknesses to other people. Parents are advised to monitor what their children play with and even where they play and teach them how to maintain simple personal hygiene for their healthy precaution


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I think this topic should have been posted in the Health category and not in the health insurance category. But anyways I understand the importance of teaching cleanliness to kids. The first rule of cleanliness is to clean your hands as most of the diseases enter the body through the hands.