The importance of having a mentor.


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There’s probably been countless moments in your life where you’ve leaned on someone you trust for advice or assistance. The importance of mentors is undeniable. These people can help to guide, direct, and shape your present situation and future opportunities for the better.
Mentor is defined as an experienced and trusted adviser. A mentor is someone with which you can develop a long-term relationship that is centered around building the mentee’s growth and development. A mentor does not work on a day-to-day basis to help a mentee make decisions, but they are there to serve as someone who can offer support, wisdom, and teaching over time.
Now the importance of mentors include the following:
1. They provide knowledge
2. They help you improve
3. They broaden professional network
4. They provide encouragement
5. They help give advise when needed
6. You can learn from their experience
7. They are costless


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You are absolutely right, the role of a mentor in our lives cannot be underestimated. They serve as the back bone, so to speak, for our choices, decisions and actions we take and there Immeasurable wealth of knowledge and experience can serve as a guide for us to obtain the best out of life.