The Importance Of Email And Product Development


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Do you have your website up and running for your online business? How did you create your website? Your website should be a basic webpage that is free of busy flash features and a myriad of options. The appearance of you website is just the beginning. Next, you need to work on your email database development.

Online businesses revolve around their customer email lists. You send emails to promote your products and services. Perhaps you send articles related to your product and service. You may send offers for free e-courses via email. These tools are advantageous if your emails are delivered to your intended customer.

Unfortunately it is much more difficult to get emails to your customers due to spammers. Spam filters have improved their filters making it much more difficult to deliver emails that may have been delivered successfully in the past. So how can you work around the spam filters? You can try direct-to-desktop technology to avoid these complications. Direct-to-desktop technology will send every single email by skipping the email system. In addition, Blogs are another method you can use as direct-to-desktop technology because it is not filtered.

Avoid sending email in HTML format because the spam filters will stop your email flat. Use plain text instead. Or, an even better option is direct-to-desktop technology. Direct-to-desktop technology actually shows up as a blinking message in your desktop message tray. The message says that you have a “message waiting”. Once you click on this icon a box pops up on your computer. This type of system bypasses the email system.

Direct-to-desktop technology is beneficial because you can send HTML messages, videos, audio files, etc. Basically, anything you can put on a webpage can be placed in these messages. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the spam filters.

The next step after email database development is to focus on product development. The content you create can be distributed in a plethora of formats. For example, your content can be distributed by CD, DVD, eBook, web cast, pamphlet, teleseminar, e-course, etc. This will allow you to sell content in different formats. The various formats are profitable because some users prefer to read a hard copy pamphlet while others like to listen to the content on CD.

As you can see, building an valuable website is just the first step. You need to engage in email database and product development as well. Completing these three tasks will enable you to have a website that is not only appealing to the customers, but sells as well.

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Email is a means of getting feedback from the messages you sent to get message via email to hear from the recipient.You can also use the medium to send message to another person email address,such people will get a notification to let you know that you have a message from email and it is unread.


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Email marketing becomes really harder because most of users have the email just for use it for confirmation link or login code sent by email not a way for communication so if you grab emails used by users to signup on different sites so in most of cases they will not read the email, they may have another email for CV and company meeting that doesn't use for signup on websites and then find it will be harder. This is sad truth of email marketing.


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A lot of people have known abandoned the traditional email marketing technique but to be honest it is difficult but it converts very well. If you are selling products that involve the customer to bring out a lot of money then you should definitely include collecting their emails in your sales funnel.