Studying humans

Destiny Nayaba

New member
In business, we need people in order to make money. We must understand the behaviours and requirements of people. Not everyone is the same, some people are different from others. We must understand the common needs of everyone. We should focus on things that are perpetual about people. Just like the fact that there will be always children that will go to school. A business person must be a requirement meeting individual. Humans are complex beings. They all have ambitions or goals. If you can't help them achieve those goals, they might not value you. This is one secret in business. Always study people

Dora Wi

Active member
I agree, it is important to understand people in general. One valuable piece of advice I got when it comes to marketing is "don't go with what you would like to see in a promotional message, go with what's been established to work". Attracting people to choose your business, keeping customers, creating partnerships and employing people all have a lot to do with psychology.