SEO Positioning


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I can say for sure that when you are looking for something on Google, you always click on the first results that appear and rarely spend the time to see the results that appear on the second or third page.

Now that you understand what the SEO positioning and why it is so important, you have to learn how to use it on your website or blog to generate web traffic and appear in the top search results of Google.

For this, you have to find the keywords related to your page. The first thing is to tell Google what your page is to search for a topic related to your site, it appears in the results. And this you get with keywords.


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When I search on google, I actually check some other options, but on first page. My experience on other pages are not good, other pages give me result of something else instead of what I am searching; this made me to not to worry about other pages. First page also have more information, better SEO is result of proper information.