Plant-based diet vs. animal-based diet: Which one is better?


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Until a decade ago, most Western economists used to say that people in Asia and Africa had a poor diet because they don’t eat meat even once a week. It was easy for the Westerners to say so because the meat was a staple food in America and Europe whereas plant-based diet was more common in Asia and Africa.

However, this notion has been rectified because eating a plant-based diet is more healthy compared to a meat-based diet. Western dieticians, nutritionists, and scientists have done a thorough research and established that human beings need to earn more plant-based diets to remain fit and healthy.

One of the major problems related to eating a meat-based diet is getting infected with animal diseases. In the last 10 years, a lot of new diseases have evolved from animals, for example, swine flu, bird flu, and more recently Corona Virus.


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I don't think anyone need to be told that eating plant based foods is the best bet. This is why we eat plenty food but with just 2-3 pieces of meat. So that's how it should be. You would give the body the right nutrients this way to actually function effectively. For me it has always been plant based since it's a lot healthy


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This is like a vegetarian versus an omnivore who eats anything. I once asked a vegetarian if he is guaranteed to live up to 100. Guess what his answer was. Longevity is not dictated by the food that you eat. It is the lifestyle. Okay. So what is the difference in eating plant-based against animal-based food? The delicious food that is enjoyable.