PayPal Vs Cryptocurrencies: Advantages Of Using Cryptos Over Paypal!


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I have read one comment in another forum about his Paypal account that was closed with no valid reason. Paypal did not respond to the queries and that makes me wonder. Paypal is a respected payment processor so why would they ignore a former client whose account was closed. An inquiry will not harm Paypal.


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As for me cryptocurrency is far better than PayPal because of it's availability in many countries. PayPal lacks this features and it also restricts people's account easily if the account performs huge transactions.
With cryptocurrency , you can make transactions as much as you like and your transaction to an extent are very annoymous .

The problem is that it does not matter to PayPal if they do not support a lot of countries. This is because PayPal does not need to support Tier 3 countries. PayPal is already growing without expanding its business in some Tier 3 countries. PayPal will not be conducting business in many Tier 3 countries because of illegal use of money in some countries.