Pay to click is real or fake?

Noor Fatima

In this age we can't separate real from fake we can't protact ourselves from scammers because in this age there are many scammers with their cheap brain they made some apps for wasting of persons time .As the concern of pay to click I don't think so there is any real site which give us by just clicking but there are still some real sites which give us money may be in this way but mostly what I have heard about it from social media plateforms on Instagram, on Facebook ,on twister is that these are fake sites.


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Pay per click one of the most promising ads payment options on the internet. Of course we have every reasonable thought to believe it's real. And I also believe it is.

Let's make a little analysis.
Pay per click is real, although it's rate of payment can be very low due to the fact that not all clicked link will not result into buying of the ads posted.


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According to my own point of view I believe some websites are real and why some are fake some website normally use pay to click to drive traffic to their site and some other use it to scam people but actually some website also use pay to click as a real business they do pay whenever you click on their link. I have worked on pay to click website ones and at first they were playing us later they stopping us