Number of ethereum address with substantial amount of ether on the rise


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News gathered from has shown that the number of ethereum address with substantial amount of ethereum in it has been on the rise ever since the bullish run of ethereum.

This is an indication that many investors are currently keying in to ethereum ,in order not to be left out from this bullish run of the coin.

Another reason why there is an increase in the number of ethereum addresses with substantial amount of ethereum , is the new projects built on ethereum network , especially the Defi projects .
This is because ,these projects needs one to have ethereum before he can be able to carry out any transaction on the projects.


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This is not a new thing, already with ERC-20 tokens there are multiple address, many tokes are dividing Ethereum and creating their own address, however all ERC-20 tokens and DeFi projects are holdable in Ethereum address. Big reason of new address is that people mostly do not want to use same address again and again due to anonymity. As a decentralized network, it is going to provide the P2P possibilities. Moreover a decentralized project itself don't do that, only centralized wallets do.